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CycleTimeTransfer Packet Cycle Maximum Time microsecond
Fragment UDP fragment disable/enable/number/Optimize choice efficiency 
ASIOBufferSize fix ASIO buffer size 0 is can set application
SyncBufferCount Diretta Sync Buffer count over 2 (ASIO BUFFER X ( (2(ASIO)-1)+SyncBufferCount) )
LatencyBuffer Target receive buffer Time microsecond 0 is not change
ThredMode Critcal=1 NoShotrSleep=2 NoSleep=4 SocketNoBlock=8 OccupiedCPU=16 FEEDBACK=32,64,128(moving average) NOFASTFEEDBACK=256 IDLEONE=512 IDLEALL=1024 NOSLEEPFORCE=2048
FlexCycle Transfer Cycle mode enable is FlexCyclemode disable is FixCylemode fixfix is FixFix
Interface using Ether NIC number (0 is all interface)
TargetAddress connect TargetAddress all zero is Auto
TargetPO Target Output Channel Select
DSDMSB ASIO change LSB or MSB play DSD disable=LSB enable=MSB
TargetProfileLimitTime Target Profile using 0=SelfProfile other=LimitCycleTime(it profile is automatically change for your system. If diretta drops process to high load then, fall down to light diretta processing.)
Debug enable is put out debug message to syslog
SysyLogTo syslog output address IPv4
InfoCycle Information Packet Cycle Time microsecond

[OS install dir]:\Users\[your account]\AppData\Roaming\[Vendor dir]\setting.inf


group section is one profile

gui selected to setting.inf overwrite from group section parameter



[install dir]\preset.inf

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